Temples in India which are Dedicated to Mythological Characters

Temples are usually built with the “idea of heroism”. We in India are always taught that good always wins over evil and the citizens of India automatically idolize good and start to

Agatti Island: A Watery Paradise

This Island is also known as Agathy and is located on a coral atoll in Lakshadweep in India. This island is 531 km and 529km away from Kollam and kollam Port respectively.

Make Your Trip More Enjoyable Every Time With These Tips

When going on any kind of trip it’s essential that you find it enjoyable. As travelling can be stressful, taking the hassle out of it is important. These tips will give you

Incredible Places to Visit in Bali

Undoubtedly one of the most favorite islands of Indonesia, Bali is a wonderful tropical paradise that lives up to its amazing reputation. Many of the areas in Bali have suffered from over-commercialism

Major Heritage Sites in Delhi

Delhi is the national capital city of India is not only an urban city, but also a land that represents an incredible merge of rich heritage with modern technologies. The city bestows

Visiting Greece? Why not a Sailing Holiday!

If you’re heading to beautiful Greece for a vacation, why not take the opportunity to see a different side of this fascinating country, by hiring a charter yacht and taking a trip

Beyond the Beach- Things to do and see in Tenerife

This Canary Island is famed for it’s black sand beaches and high rise hotels, home to busloads of tourists and families each year. While most people visit Tenerife for a relaxing beach

Thrill Rides of Winter Wonderland 2013

The holidays’ season is getting closer every day. As always, it brings along an air of excitement because of the many celebrations, parties, family dinners, gift exchanging traditions, specific festivals  and the

5 NonDisney Florida Attractions

Americans are often criticised for not generally owning passports. One possible reason for them being passport-shy is because they don’t need one! If they want to ski, they head to Colorado. If

Enjoy A Chilled December In Hot Dubai City

Dubai is an awesome place where holiday season is ready to hug you. The Christmas celebrations are looking your way to come and enjoy the evenings and have fun during the day.