Top Three Unusual London Indian restaurants

The majority of people are familiar with the traditional Indian dishes favoured in the UK, but are you the type of person why likes to try something new every now and again? If you enjoy Indian cuisine, but you want something more than offered at many Indian restaurants, then you can find it in a few of the best Indian restaurants in London. You can enjoy unusual dishes that are more authentic to Indian cuisine than you have ever known in exclusive restaurants in London when you know where to go…

Masala Zone can introduce you to real authentic Indian dishes. London Indian restaurants all tend to offer the dishes familiar to Brits today, but Masala Zone simply offers more. The group of restaurants is spread out across London enabling everyone the opportunity to try the dishes they like. The best thing about this chain group in particular is that you have options; you can enjoy the familiar dishes you love, or you can try unusual dishes that are as authentic as it gets in Indian cuisine. The dishes are so authentic that they are prepared only by specialist chefs originating from the same region as the dish itself. This means you can enjoy an incredible experience, unusual dishes, and you or your fellow diners have the option to stick to the familiar dishes if you choose. It’s win/win here.

Similar to Masala Zone; you can find an unusual restaurant that is different in its offerings which is Amaya. Again, you can enjoy traditional British Indian dishes that are familiar to you, or you can try unusual dishes exclusive to the restaurant. Amaya is one of the best London Indian restaurants with a big twist. If you enjoy Indian cuisine, but would like more options, then this is the place to go. The unusual twist here is that this restaurant focuses primarily on the techniques of grilling. This means that you can, once again, choose to enjoy traditional recipes, or you can enjoy a tasty kebab! This is a popular restaurant for the unusual menu.

Chutney Mary is one of the best London Indian restaurants you will eat at and has won plenty of awards that agree with this statement. You can enjoy are really diverse and unusual menu. There are many traditional dishes on offer for those who like to stick to the dishes they know and love, and there are special dishes that are authentic and true to real Indian cuisine. If you want a true taste of India, and something a little different than the usual offerings, then Chutney Mary is the option for you. Again, these specialist dishes are only created and prepared by specialist chefs from the regions in which the dishes themselves originated.

If you want to enjoy the Indian food you love, but you fancy something a little more unusual, then you have plenty of great options. Enjoy dishes that are true to Indian cuisine, or a tasty kebab with an Indian twist!

Indian dishes don’t have to be the same thing every time you enjoy them. Certain London Indian restaurants can offer you a more diverse menu with dishes authentic to Indian cuisine and dishes to allow you a different experience of Indian food.


Rachel is a freelance writer based in Denbighshire. Rachel has enjoyed experiences at many London Indian restaurants and likes trying something different every now and again. Rachel enjoys gardening and eating out with her partner in her spare time.


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