Top 7 hotels in Abu Dhabi where you should stay during tours

Abu Dhabi has entered the elite list of best places on the Earth. It is also a much favored honeymoon destination and is now making it to the bucket list of most avid travelers. While it is easy to find a budget-friendly Abu Dhabi hotel, if you are in the mood of self-pampering and money is no big problem, then here are some luxurious hotels strongly suggested:

  • Emirates Palace: This hotel needed a huge sum of investment and has the kind of luxuries which will make your heads spin in amazement. The best rooms come with personal butler and bodyguard! Yes, you can expect royal treatment in this venue which is truly a palace in every sense. The pool corner is also a delight and all other amenities are there for the taking! With Paradise booking, you can get a room or two reserved for your need.
  •  Al Raha Beach Hotel: When you are on tours to Abu Dhabi, you may prefer a secluded corner where you can get some solace. Al Raha Beach Hotel is located at a quiet corner but still offers some breathtaking panorama from the rooms and is just littered with luxuries. The beach and night clubs are just a stone’s throw away!
  • Danat Resort: If you are looking to stay in a beach resort, then you cannot ask for anything better than the Danat Resort. It is easily one of the best hotels noted for its services, food, bars, pools and every other amenity you can think of!
  • Shangri-La: Shangri-La brand of hotels can be found in many countries and this place is no different. Located at Qaryat Al Beri, it is a top-class Abu Dhabi hotel with a great mix of classiness and modernity.
  • Beach Rotana: Beach Rotana is attached to the famous Abu Dhabi Mall. So, this is one of the most favored hotels by shopaholics. Apart from its usual luxuries, it even has a well-equipped gym. And you will not find it easy to forget the rain shower (a special attraction in the bathrooms) in a hurry!
  • Crowne Plaza: Its biggest USP is its friendly location. It is nestled in the busy central area with a huge chunk of attractions and malls located in the vicinity. There are good facilities though the décor is not as good as the one in hotels aforementioned. Still, if you are planning lots of mall-hopping during your tours to Abu Dhabi, then Crowne Plaza will be a safe bet.
  • Le Royal Meridien: It is the most favored hotel by business travelers. It is excellently equipped with the revolving restaurant as its biggest attraction. You can find a good room through Paradise booking.

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