Temples in India which are Dedicated to Mythological Characters

mahabharat temple

Temples are usually built with the “idea of heroism”. We in India are always taught that good always wins over evil and the citizens of India automatically idolize good and start to worship the heroes.  There are some temples in India which are basically not built with this idea, these temples are quite weird as they don’t follow the idea of hero worshiping. Below is the list of temples which are created not for the heroes but for the unlikeliest characters of Indian mythology.

Temple of Duryodhana in Kerala

Temple of Duryodhana in Kerala

There is a famous yet unique temple in Poruvazhy, Kollam. This temple is devoted to the famous character of Mahabharata; Duryodhana. This temple is also called as Malanda Temple. Duryodhana is a famous character in Mahabharata and he was also the eldest among all the Kaurava brothers. The main antagonist or you can say one of the negative figures in Mahabharata. Toddy (local liquor), rooster, red cloth, betel nut are offered in this temple. Apart from this, there are other temples as well where Duryodhana is worshipped but there are very few temples where he is exclusively worshiped.

Temple of Karna in Uttarakhand

karna temple in uttrakhand

This temple is located in Deora in Uttarakhand and is dedicated to Karna. Karna was also a mythological character. There is no doubt that he was a kind and good hearted person and also the most merciful person of his time. He even received the title of Dana Veera Karna but the only thing which make him appeared in the negative light is that he fought against Pandavas. This temple was built to worship the kind-hearted and great warrior Karna.  This temple is quite unique because of its wooden architecture and rectangular shape makes this temple a bit different from the other common temples. The locals of the nearby villages also have a famous thanksgiving ritual in which they throw coins on the walls of the temple.

Temple of Bhishma in Allahabad

bhishm temple

This temple is the only temple dedicated to Bhishma and is located in Allahabad. This temple is dedicated to the great warrior and the people of nearby area worship him. This temple is exactly located in Daraganj near a popular Nagvasuki temple. Bhishma Pitamah was the son of Ganga and this temple has a statue of son of Ganga who is shown sleeping on the bed of arrows.

Temple of Shakuni in Kerala

shakuni temple

Located in Kollam district, this temple worships Shakuni for his ‘sattwik gunas’. Shakuni was one of the cleverest characters in Mahabharata and was the maternal uncle of the Kauravas. He was responsible for doing end number of evil things but he was worshiped because of his sattwik elements (positive elements). Kaurava community of Kollam district is responsible for maintaining this ancient temple. There is no usual or regular prayer which takes place in the temple but people just simply make offerings.

Temple of Ravana in Andhra Pradesh

ravana temple

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Ravana is the most negative and hated character of the Mahabharata or you can say the villain. Ravana is still worshiped because of his positive qualities. The Ravana temple in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh was believed to be the site which was chosen by Ravana by his own for the construction of Lord Shiva’s temple. This temple is nestled in the scenic surrounding that too close to beach. However, there are other Ravana temples in India.

Gandhari Temple in Mysore

gandhari temple

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This famous temple is situated in Mysore portrays the kindness of Gandhari. Gandhari was the mother of the Kaurava brothers and she was a cvaring mother and a devoted wife as well. This temple was not constructed years ago but was constructed in 2008 with an estimate of around 2.5 crores.

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