Perfect Reasons to visit Varanasi

Considered as the oldest city in India, Varanasi is the land of temples and the city of Lord Shiva. The waters of the holy River Ganga, receives a huge number of devotes

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  Royal state of Rajasthan is recognized for its thriving heritage culture, inspiring art crafts and architectural marvel. The charming state is a beautiful amalgamation of resourcefulness, innovation and magnificence. Full of

Best Places to Witness Snow Leopards in India

As per the data of the World wildlife Federation (WWF), there are only 400-500 snow leopards in the country which can be found in the elevated areas of Himalayas.  Places like Uttarakhand,

Feel the Fear at the 7 Haunted Hotels of India

The first thing which comes to our mind when we think of hotel is nothing but good hospitality, luxury, a place where you can relax after spending some fun-filled time in a

Must Visit Destinations on Trip to God’s Own Country – Kerala

Kerala is one the most visited tourist destinations in India, which is popularly known as the “God’s Own Country”. It is famous for its serene beaches, calm, lush green surroundings and extensive

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It is not necessary to visit a destination that is very expensive. It is also not necessary that you can only go for vacations and spend a fortune while staying in lavish

Incredible Experiences to Have on Your Kenya Tours

Kenya is an amazing nation in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It features savannah, lake lands, the spectacular Great Rift Valley, mountain highlands and abundance of wildlife, including lions,

Discover the Uniqueness of Chandigarh through Its Attractions

Chandigarh is the capital city of the two Indian states – Punjab and Haryana. It is also a union territory of India, which offers lots of different things to its visitors. The

Redefine Luxury at These Lavish Hotels in Amritsar

Amritsar is the most popular pilgrimage center for Sikhs owing to the very famous and revered Golden Temple. The beautiful city is rich in treasures and possessions and features several tourist attractions

Unsolved Mysteries! Visit and Try to Solve the Mystery of these Places in India

‘Incredible India’ We’ve all heard that India is a land of mysteries and wonders. Well, it’s not wrong and yes India is filled with millions of secrets which are hidden deep inside