Incredible Experiences to Have on Your Kenya Tours


Kenya is an amazing nation in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It features savannah, lake lands, the spectacular Great Rift Valley, mountain highlands and abundance of wildlife, including lions, elephants and rhinos. Kenya is basically known for its wildlife safaris but there are many activities that you can enjoy on your trip to Kenya. From being affectionate to a giraffe to playing with baby elephants and from relaxing over the beaches to fine dining, Kenya offers gamut of experiences to its visitors. Know about the experiences that Kenya shares on your trip.

Spending Time at Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor

It is one of the most thrilling experiences that one may ever have. Feeding giraffes on a 140-acres plot of a historic manor is a wonderful experience. This manor is situated in the picturesque Laganta district and within the Karen area of Nairobi. Apart from excellent services and great accommodation, have really interacting experiences with the wild yet protected resident giraffes coming to the manor. Staff of the manor guides you on feeding the giraffes as these creatures get aggressive and try to head-butts you to get more delights. However, feeding them calmly is a wonderful experience.

Relishing the Succulent Kenyan Coffee

 Kenyan Coffee

Kenyan coffee is really luscious and an awesome way to give a kick-start to your day. It is also ideal as a great gift for your coffee-loving friends and family. The rich, complex and standard intensity balances its subtle floral aroma. It wonderfully pleases all the palates. Kenya is home to flourishing coffee industry and its best coffee can be exported to make sure that you purchase popular brands from here. Coffee in Kenya is developed at places like Kisii, Mount Kenya, Nyanza and Aberdare.

Playing with Toddler Elephants at Daphne Sheldrich Elephant Orphanage

Daphne Sheldrich Elephant Orphanage

You may hang-out with little elephants at this establishment of Nairobi. For the safety of the visitors, a rope barrier surrounds them off. Touching the little elephant on its head and feeling its unusual skin type is an exceptional experience. These elephants are exceptionally playful and can make you dirty by throwing dusts over you. This orphanage is situated in the Nairobi National Park.

Massages, Nature and More at Mara Camp

Mara Camp

This rural and superb camp is situated on the confluence of the Mara and Talek rivers. These banks are home to hippopotami and crocodiles, which are at a safe distance from your tent. The safari guided tours at the camp are enjoyed by Masai Mara locals, who are very exceptional and dedicated. The camp also offers spa massage in the tented room that is a beautiful experience and allows you to relax right amidst the wilderness. There are various amenities provided in the camp.

Getting Familiar with the Mara Wildlife

Mara Wildlife

By living in a camp, you may easily get closer to the local wildlife. Come across the animals in their natural atmosphere. One can also plan safari tours in the camp during the mornings and mid-evenings. Some of the animals that you may encounter here are lions, Thompson Gazelles, giraffes, African Elephants, wildebeest , cheetahs, jackals, hyenas, hippopotamus, leopards, zebras and a collection of aboriginal birds like the blue sterling, guinea-fowl, eagles and vultures. With the right timings and a bit of luck, you may come across everything.

Explore the Local Crafts

Local Crafts of Kenya

Kenya offers a great selection of knick-knacks and much more. There is a shop called Utamaduni, which is set in a village-like campus. One can buy here African jewelry, soft furnishing, Kenyan coffee, kitchenware, bathing materials, printed fabrics, antiques and many other items. Items prepared by young local entrepreneurs and crafted by homeless street kids can be purchased from here.

Visiting Diani Beach

Diani Beach

Visiting Diani Beach is a wonderful experience as it is a popular beach resort on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. The beach features the sloppy vibes, white sands, blue waters, rural shacks, widespread resorts and African hospitality. The water of the beach remains low and close to the shore. Some underwater sandbars close to the surface allow wading with crystal clear views of the bottom. Being there is fun and delightful.

Feel the Zing with Wild Encounters

Wildlife Kenya

There is always an encounter of thrill when you are in Kenya. It is blessed with places offering awesome wildlife safari tours. While staying in camps, you may see the wildlife animals moving across your tents and engrossed in their own activities. The experience is thrilling and amazing.


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