Feel the Fear at the 7 Haunted Hotels of India


The first thing which comes to our mind when we think of hotel is nothing but good hospitality, luxury, a place where you can relax after spending some fun-filled time in a beautiful destination. What the common traveler think about a hotel lies within the things mentioned above but what if you happen to see a shadow of something supernatural in the washroom  of the hotel or you hear some weird kind of laughter in the corridor? Scary right?  If you love to explore spooky places and love to find out the mystery behind the scary instances which happens so below is the list of certain hotels in India which are associated with some haunted stories which will definitely give you some serious chills. Visit the below mentioned hotels at your own risk and face the adventure waiting for you.

Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota


The hotel is situated in the Kota which is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is originally a fort and also the residence to British official Major Charles Burton. This fort was converted into a heritage hotel in 1980′s. The beautiful interior and the well maintained walls add in the beauty of the fort. Moreover, the gorgeously manicured gardens make this hotel really amazing and panoramic. But, that’s not all about this place there is also a goofy story which is related with this hotel and which will present this hotel in a different light. The family of Major Charles lived here for 13 years until the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 when he was discarded by his own man. He along with his whole family was cruelly murdered in the central hall of the palace and this is the place where you can actually feel something spooky and panoramic. Many spooky instances have been reported here.

Morgan House Tourist Lodge in Kalimpong


Morgan House is beautifully tucked on a small hill station of Kalimpong in West Bengal region of India. The breathtaking architecture and interior of this hotel will surely remind you of the Canterville palace if you have read the book ‘The Canterville Ghost’ of Oscar Wilde you will be able to observe the similarity. This heritage house with the raw bricks wall is completely covered in the green moss and leaves will surely take you back to the British era. But, the spooky activities which have been reported at this place will surely raise your goosebumps and will definitely give you a shock. This place earlier belonged to a British man and it was built by George Morgan in 1930′s. This place becomes deserted after the death of Lady Morgan. According to the locals and the visitors it is said that the ghost of Lady Morgan still haunts the place. Many people have observed the weird sounds of a lady walking in heels in the corridor area.

Hotel Savoy in Mussoorie

Savoy 06

Hotel Savoy in Mussoorie is a beautiful hotel which has an amazing architecture; this hotel looks no less than the palace from the fairytale. This very place is the inspiration behind Agatha Christie’s first novel. But this hotel is also associated with the rumor that a lady ghost haunts this beautiful piece of architecture. It is believed that the halls and walls of this hotel are haunted by Lady Orme who died at this hotel. Moreover, the doctor who tried finding out about the murder too was found dead in same circumstances. This hotel is a famous hotel in Mussoorie but several paranormal incidents have been observed here.

Hotel Fern hills palace in Ooty


Hotel Ferns Hills Palace is situated in a beautiful destination of Ooty which is located in Tamil Nadu. This hotel is built by keeping in mind the classic British architecture. This hotel was built in 1844 and this hotel gained fame during the shooting of Bollywood movies like ‘Raaz’ in Ooty. One night after the shoot, the entire team of the movie including the famous choreographer, Saroj Khan and dancers experienced something really strange which actually made all the people shocked. They encountered creepy sounds of furniture moving on the first floor of the hotel and when they tried calling the reception, the lines were dead. Next morning, when they woke up they experienced the strangest thing ever. As they reported the incident the hotel staff, hotel staff said that there was no first floor. Further, the hotel was once shut down due to the clairvoyant activities.

Raj Kiran Hotel in Lonavala

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This place could have never come in notice but it’s the paranormal activities which made this small hotel famous. This hotel is located in Lonavala.The owner of the hotel gives complete credit to the ghosts and the spooky activities which have taken place here which provided this hotel fame. It is said that the room in the corner behind the reception is the scariest room of the hotel. Many guests have encountered several strange incidents like their bed sheets and blankets being pulled away while they were sleeping. Some have even reported the strange blue lights flashing in the rooms that too without any source. It is another haunted hotel in India.

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai


If you are shocked by observing the name of this famous hotel in the list of haunted hotels then no need be shocked because this famous hotel is haunted. Haunted incidents at this hotel are encountered by the guests and even the hotel staff has reported that. It might sound weird that the Taj Mahal Palace is haunted. The story behind all these incidents is that the architect of this hotel W.A Chambers went back to England after creating the blueprints and when he returned he observed that the hotel was actually built in the opposite direction and is not built according to his architectural plan. He was heartbroken to see that the hotel was not built according to his plans and he committed suicide by jumping off the 5 floor of the hotel. It is said that the ghost of Chamber can be seen walking in the old wing of the hotel. Many people from the staff and the guests have encountered the spooky incidents in this hotel.

Hotels around Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad


It seems as if the film city of Hyderabad has some great bonding with the ghosts, spirits as various paranormal activities have been observed here. It is said that the Ramoji film city is built on the battlefield of Nizams and several supernatural activities are spotted here and this place is also strongly haunted by the ghosts of those who died in the war. Spooky instances at this place are reported by the guests and film – making staff.  Hotels in this area are considered haunted and because of the paranormal activities which many people have experienced while being at this place. Instances like the lights falling off from the roof, the leftover food found scattered all over the floor and Urdu words found inscribed on the mirrors of the hotel rooms. All these things mentioned above makes the hotels which are situated here scary and haunted.

if you want to experience something really strange and spooky which can raise your goosebumps then explore these hotels and have an altogether unique experienc.Visit but, at your own risk!

Note- By making you aware about the haunted activities spotted at the hotels mentioned above, we are not trying to defame any of the hotels which are mentioned in this article.

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