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India’s most Loved Hill Stations

Away from the scorching heat in the summers, Hill stations become the hot spots of tourists from within the country and abroad. Providing respite from the sultry heat and sweaty afternoons, these

Magnificient Temples Of South India

South India is known all over the globe for its unique culture and heritage. When it comes to Temples, South Indian’s magnificent temples are breathtaking. Not just one place, but the entire

Iconic Film Locations in India Where Famous Bollywood Movies are Made

Bollywood has always been looking out for maiden destinations and unseen locations, which provide an element of surprise and suspense to the movies. These are some of the destinations which have been

Stunning Destinations In South India For History Buffs

 India is a rich historical country with every corner filled with remarkable stories of the years gone by, celebrated still by the gorgeous monuments left behind by the makers. India is loaded